Sometimes, I just wonder.

IMG_20140306_225255Cute kid, huh?  Notice anything in particular? 

So Princess Pink comes up to me the other day and says, “Mom, I hurt my head.”  And I’m like, “What happened?!?”  And she says, “I was dragging my head across the carpet…”  “What!?!“, I reply.  And then, my very beloved and intelligent daughter demonstrates to me how she purposely dragged her head across the carpet giving herself an ever-so-lovely rug rash burn.

Okay, yes that’s snicker-worthy, but it gets better. ..

She wanted to put a band-aid on it, and since I am forever running out them, she cuts a strip of sport’s tape and sticks it on her wound!  I tried to tell her, but who am I to tell an 8 year old about the pain involved when the said tape is removed from the said wound???

And so, the next day when she removed it…  We all heard it.

Our children are funny little creatures that need our guidance.  This concept of them knowing what they want at the ripe old age of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and you get the point… is just the result of someone’s philosophical idealism.

Don’t believe me? 

Ever tried to reason with a 5 year old?  Or in my case, an 8 year old…


The /hɨˈbɪskəs/ and the Sciuridae

IMG_20130819_111712_311Meet me.  Well, actually, meet my Hibiscus (/hɨˈbɪskəs/) Tree…

IMG_20130819_110904_676Meet the squirrel (Sciuridae) who is chewing on me. Uh, sorry… 🙂 Meet the squirrel who is chewing on my Hibiscus Tree…


This tree has been trying its hardest to survive.  I’ve only had it, maybe, 4 or 5 months?  But it has been stressed from the moment it came to my house…

First, we transplanted it to a bigger pot.  It was TOTALLY stressed out for 2 months!  When it finally acclimated to its new living arrangements, it was budding and blooming like a true ‘blooming idiot‘!  But then, it stopped blooming, and we couldn’t figure out why until we started notice leaves missing on the branches.  Every day, more leaves where missing…  And then one day we noticed that the branch tips looked chewed on.  And today, Camo Girl caught the culprit in the act!  There, sitting in my Hibiscus tree, sat a squirrel chomping quite happily on one of my (oops, it’s) large, beautiful Hibiscus leaf…  He (or she) had not a care in the world!


Now the Hibiscus tree is covered in cayenne pepper and  lemon juice.  Knowing my luck, the squirrel will probably wear a pair of shades and bring an umbrella while he (or she) enjoys my now hot, lemon-flavored Hibiscus leaves…




My Hibiscus tree will survive and bloom and be beautiful while it survives and blooms.  AND, I will enjoy it while it is beautiful, surviving and blooming. 


And that is how I want to feel about life right now…  I will survive and bloom!  ‘Cause right now, THAT particular squirrel in my life, is SO done chomping happily on ‘my leaves’!  (Although somebody may have to sprinkle me with cayenne pepper and lemon juice so THAT ‘squirrel’ gets a very bad taste in his mouth! )


Hello squirrel!

Meet me.

Dare you not to grin or smile or laugh, K?

I’m a HUGE The Cosby Show fan!

I could sit and watch this show for hours… and hours… and hours.

Not much of a life, huh?

(Actually, I do because my husband (Football Fan) is a HUGE TV Land fan.)

The Cosby Show

Hogan’s Hero

The Andy Griffith Show

The Bob Newhart Show


Little House on the Prairie

He wants me to add Monk, even though it’s not on TV Land… yet.


Anyway, back to my friend , Bill…

Bill, ‘Can I call him Bill?’, taught me everything I know about dancing.

(For those who know me…  STOP LAUGHING, NOW!  😉  )


Here is a timeless clip of classic Bill –

On a more serious note, Bill Cosby defines what entertainment is all about.  I know a whole industry of progressive, hard-working, and yet, not so entertaining people who could stand to actually learn from a true entertainer indeed!


Oh, and by the way, while I love to watch The Cosby Show re-runs, I groan with pains of childbirth if Football Fall turns on the re-runs of Knight Rider

It is not a timeless anything…

Can you say… MOTIVATION?

So I am attempting to teach Princess Pink her letters in order to open up the world of learning to her.

It has been a struggle… for MULTIPLE reasons.

Learning styles










And then I remembered Princess Pink’s ‘Yummy Tooth‘!  (Wait, you want to know what a Yummy Tooth is?  Well, that’s a story for another day…  Stick around long enough and you’ll read it one day.)

I found the motivation for learning…




We traded letters for chocolate chip cookies…

You won’t agree with it, for sure, but on that day in particular, it worked like a charm!