The Wheels on the Bus…

Got the song stuck in your head now, don’t ya?  Oh, you forgot the words to this age-old song?  Here, let me help you…

The wheels on the bus go round and round,

round and round,

round and round. 

The wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town.

Some children on the bus say…

Oh wait, I can’t repeat what they say, because it’s called profanity.


We live in a time where there is much discussion concerning school bus drivers.  Whether it may be the lack of drivers, the qualifications of these drivers, the level of involvement these drivers have with the students that they transport, etc…  EVERYONE has an opinion!  But let me ask you this one question:  Have you ever ridden on an 81 passenger school bus that is potentially up to 45 feet long with up to 100 gallons of diesel fuel?  Ever been the only adult on a bus full of kids who may or may not have been taught certain acceptable practices such as authority or safety?  Because there is nothing that will scare a driver faster than looking up in their overhead mirror and seeing ‘smoke‘ coming from a kid’s mouth while sitting on 100 gallons of diesel fuel!

Been there.  Done that.

Here’s the thing:  We are certified professional drivers.  The law requires it!  We are expected to pass the required state testing process only after completing criminal and child abuse background checks and the state mandated classroom and driving qualifications.  As a whole, we are great at what we do!  BUT, we are still just one driver on a bus full of kids.  Today’s classroom has been modified with a teacher/student ratio.  Today’s school has a multi-person contingency plan for almost any emergency.

This very opinionated discussion concerning a greater certification process versus simply adding another person on the bus to assist the school bus driver needs to be addressed instead of continuously ignored.

Parents: be involved! 

Teachers/Administrative staff: support us!   

Politicians: protect us while we do our job!

Because our job is simply this: getting your kids safely to school and back home again.