A Cheerful Heart Has a Continual Feast

A cheerful heart has a continual feast. (Proverbs 15.15b — NASB)

One of the things I love most about my family is that we can laugh together. Maybe someone is doing a jig in the middle of the grocery store, or someone tells a joke that is so dumb it’s funny, or we’re just teasing each other.

I am very glad that we haven’t lost the ability to laugh. That’s just one of the graces God has lavished on us.

I came across the quote below from C. S. Lewis, and it represents our family very well.

(Feel free to download the picture for your own personal use.)



An advertisement for Coca-Cola…

We were visiting some friends for the weekend and the lady of the house made roast. 

It’s got to be one of my top 1000 favorite foods EVER, but this ‘recipe’ made it even better!

Roast with Coca-Cola gravy!


Can you say AWESOMENESS?!?!?!?!?!


Mix it all together…


And cook it…

And eat it…

And…, oh sorry…, no picture of the finished product because…

We devoured it before I remembered to take a picture of it!

I should feel bad, but I don’t.

Bummers for you and yours.

Yummers for me and mine!

What’s for dinner?

Alright, I know…  Who really post a pic of ‘what’s left of dinner’?

Here’s the thing…  It was THAT GOOD!

Seriously, it was de-liiiii-chious!

Take 1 part cooked chicken cut into however big your mouth is,  1 part broccoli florets (because who really wants just chopped broccoli stems? and really, my mouth is THAT big!),  a can of cream of chicken soup,  use the same can for that much milk (I prefer whole milk because I always cook with whole milk and well, that’s good enough of a reason for me…),  however much shredded cheddar cheese that your mouth and family can tolerate,  and bread crumbs for the coating on top.

Mix the chick-chick and the green trees (they’re in their natural state – raw) together.

Mix the soup, the milk, and the cheese (seriously, I use about a cup or more, usually… more…) together and pour over the vegetarian and non-vegetarian mixture mixing that luscious creation till everything is bathed well.

Spread the bread crumbs over all of this to give it a nice blanket while it cooks…

Bake in a 350 oven and cook for about 30 min.  (A good test is to cook until the broccoli decides to give up the fight and cross over to the ‘Dark Side’ of gross mushiness (HINT: this really means that I don’t like mushy broccoli!)).

Remove, dish out, and don’t burn your mouth!