Today marks 18 years since my mother’s death.  

Eighteen years of missed:
phone calls
family gatherings
‘I love you’s’
Eighteen years of my girls never knowing their grandmother.

Eighteen years of missed everything…

Momma was an extremely talented woman with a gift for numbers, people, and hospitality.  Many knew her, but not many saw her for who she truly was.  They saw her size (she always struggled with her weight) and they saw her willingness to help anyone and everyone, but they didn’t see her zest for life, her hopes and dreams.  She wanted to be somebody, anybody, but she was relegated to being what was expected of her.  It’s been said that as a child she would try her hardest to get out of the expected ordinary tasks of life, but ultimately, she lived an obscure life with no accolades to boast of except her girls.

She could work magic on the sewing machine and could she cook, OH MY, could she cook!  Cleaning house was definitely NOT her favorite thing in the world, but she would get outside on the riding mower and you wouldn’t see her for a couple or three hours.  I remember her saying that she’d made a deal with the dust in her house:  She would leave it alone if it promised not to embarrass her in front of company.  And there were times when she’d whip out a sassy remark that would cause your jaw to drop to the ground in shock.   Oh boy, were they some doozies…

She poured all her hopes and dreams into her girls.  She was never allowed to go to college which meant that college was HIGH priority on her list for her girls.  To this day, my sisters are two of the most gifted women I know.  Anything they put their mind to, they achieve magnificently!

Gifted seamstress, educator, entrepreneur, chef, organizer/ administrator, and so much more – they can do it all!  They possess this innate drive to grab life by the ‘Oh, no you can’t‘ and redefine the meaning of ‘Who’s the BOSS now?’.  They are my heroes and the living embodiment of Momma’s zest for life, her hopes and dreams.


Today marks 18 years since my mother died from metastatic breast cancer.
I wish my Momma and I didn’t have so much in common.





4 thoughts on “Momma

  1. What special memories you have of your mom! Praying for God’s grace for you as you go through this trial.
    Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you! I Peter 5:7

  2. Beautiful tribute to your mother and the legacy she left in your family! I don’t know your sisters, but I see the strong Christ Beautiful person you are !

  3. Dearest LeeAnne, Yes we knew your Mom and what precious memories we have of Dear Charlotte!!! Love to you and family!!!

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