A Funny Tasting Chemo Morsel…

Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?
Because they taste funny…


It’s been about 13 1/2 months since my last chemo treatment.  I just realized that there was definitely one good thing about having chemo in my system.

I tasted funny to all the bugs!

As a child, I was always covered in bug bites.  Regardless of ALL the different changes to my body chemistry over the last 43 years, I could always count on being a big bowl of yummy to any and every bug that desired a delectable morsel of my sweet meat.

As I stood in my kitchen this morning frantically clawing at yet another bug bite, I was struck by the fact that this didn’t happen last year.  And it took me a bit longer than a moment to remember that last summer was bug-free… because I was chemo-filled.


No Smiling Allowed!